How to Style Our Floral Striped Sweater

Are you bogged down by the limited options you have in your closet? Does it seem like you have nothing to wear that fits your taste anymore? Thankfully, Love Classic has come through with their new floral striped sweater. The floral striped sweater is loose-fitting and comes in three sizes — small, medium, and large. If this sweater was not fashionable enough, it comes with a ton of features, so you can wear it any way you would like. 

Some of the features include a dropped shoulder so that you can look like a fashionista wearing this sweater and it gives you a different version from the usual way to wear it. The floral stripped sweater also has a round neckline with rolled edges, rolled cuffs, and hem, and it is crop length, which makes it go perfectly with any skirt, jeans, leggings, or shorts (if your part of town isn’t that cold).

Speaking of all the clothing items you can wear with the floral striped sweater — let’s get into all the ways to wear and pair your favorite pieces with this gorgeous sweater.

1)  Pair the Floral Striped Sweater with a Skirt

Love Classic Women's Pullover FLoral Sweater Promesa USA

Now, you are getting a sneak peek into our other new arrival — coming soon! The floral striped sweater has is the perfect length to pair with a skirt. Especially a pencil skirt or mini skirt like in the above picture. Since the floral striped sweater is a crop top, it will hit your midline at the perfect length so you can show off your skirt and gorgeous sweater. You can also pair your skirt and sweater with some thigh-high boots or just regular booties, and in the summertime, pair them with some flats or high heels. Go to a dinner party, a date, or a night out on the town and feel fabulous!


2)  Pair the Floral Striped Sweater with Jeans

Love Classic Women's clothing pants

All of us are into high-waisted jeans by now, right? Well, the floral striped sweater is the perfect length to go with those high-waisted jeans. Your whole stomach will be covered between the high-waisted jeans and the crop top length of the sweater, and if you are into showing some skin, just wear your low-waisted jeans or pull your high-waisted jeans down a little bit. You can pair the sweater with dark wash or light wash jeans — either one will look perfect! Add thigh-high boots, regular boots, or heels to make this outfit extra special. Who has ever gone wrong with some jeans and a cropped sweater?


3)  Pair the Floral Striped Sweater with Leggings

 Love Classic Women's Clothing Leggings pants

Most girls, especially our curvier ladies, love an excellent ol’ pair of leggings. Leggings are great because they are stretchy and fit all women just right. We here at Love Classic know that you must have at least two pairs. of leggings in your closet at all times. Girl rule. Well now, just like those high-waisted jeans, you can wear your leggings included with the floral striped sweater and make a statement. You can pair it with black leggings, white leggings, or even red leggings to make a fashion statement. Throw on those heels, flats, or boots and you are ready for the office or a date — your choice.

4)  Pair the Floral Striped Sweater with Shorts

 Love Classic Women's Pleated Shorts Spring Outfits Summer Outfits

This sweater would go perfectly with any dark wash or light wash shorts that you may have in your closet, or even better if you have black or white shorts. Shorts paired with a sweater is perfect for the Autumn or Spring when temperatures are getting a bit colder or a little warmer because you will have the comfort and protection of the long-sleeved floral striped sweater on your body but also the shorts to give you some relief (not recommended in the Winter, unless your state is warmer in the Winter). You can throw on some Converse shoes, sneakers, or flats to perfect this look, and you can even pair it with heels or boots if you are going for a more polished look. The options are endless and totally there for you to have options!


5)  Pair the Floral Striped Sweater with a Jacket

 Love Classic Women's Thigh High Socks

Since this sweater is a crop top, some of us way need an extra layer to stay a little warmer, especially in the wintertime. Pair this floral striped sweater with a puffy jacket or even an overcoat. You can choose any color of coat since the floral stripped sweater is black and white, it will match with almost anything. Then, throw on your favorite bottoms whether that is jeans, leggings, a skirt, or shorts and paint the town. Add on some cute high heels, boots, flats, or sneakers and you are ready to go to your next event — in style!

Other ways to style your floral stripped sweater would be with some jewelry like rings or earrings like hoops or dangling — that way you pack a punch when walking into your next meeting or event you are invited to. And, if you are wearing shorts or a skirt you can add an ankle bracelet to make you that much more noticeable.

No matter how you choose to style your floral stripped sweater, it is bound to look great on you! There are so many options and ways to pair this sweater that you will be excited again to wear something so refreshing and fashion-forward. The colors on the floral stripped sweater make it easy to match with almost anything and allow you to make a bold statement with bold colors. The materials are viscose, polyester, and nylon, so you know it will be warm and stretchy. And, with all its features you can style it on your body in different ways to make the fashion statement you want to make, whether that is a dropped shoulder or rolled cuffs.



Either way, us here at Love Classic are here for all your styling needs. Check out out website to shop the latest styles today and update your closet in a flash. 


 by Rebecca O.








January 08, 2024 — Cynthia Kim
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