Women's Spring Summer Flowy Feminine Blouse

With Spring right around the corner, Love Classic has worked tirelessly to bring you a new style that we know you will love. Not only is this outfit trending right now, but we know it will be one of your go-to's in your closet. The outfit we are talking about it the Tied to You Top and Flare Jeans.

Now, there are many ways to add to this outfit to style it, but you can also take each piece separately and style your outfit that way, as well. And, with the top coming in sizes up to large, anyone can buy this top and style it any way they would like.

So, let’s get into how you can style this outfit and look your best, whether you are just walking down the street, going for coffee with the girls, or going to a more formal event.


Style with a Belt

Women's Fashion Belt Spring Outfits

This outfit is amazing on its own, but you know what would bring it all together? A belt. Styling this outfit with a belt would make the whole outfit cut at the waste, separating your bottom half from your top half, and could make you even look slimmer. A belt would make this look go from daytime to nighttime or a more professional look. Add some heels and earrings with that, and be ready for a night out on the town. This outfit is so versatile you can almost add anything to it, and it takes you from daytime to nighttime.


Style with Different Shoes

Women's Fashion Boots

As you can see in the picture, the model is wearing flip-flops, and the outfit looks great with those and makes it more of a beachy vibe (almost like you are going to walk around the beach). But, with this look, you can add any type of shoe, and it will change the whole outfit. A very popular shoe to wear with flared jeans and this type of crop top is a simple sneaker. Let’s say you are going to walk around the town or explore a new city; just throw on a pair of sneakers, and you are ready to go and still look stylish.

Another type of shoe you can wear is a platform heel, and maybe add a vegan leather jacket. Now you are ready for something more formal like work or a professional event. Plus, with the flare jeans, the pumps will make you look tall enough in your outfit, so all my shorter girls will have a little pep in their step. You can also pair this outfit with wedges if you are going out for the night. Imagine some white wedges to match this outfit; how cute!



Style with a Hat

Women's clothing fashion spring outfit hat

This outfit would look good with almost any hat, from a fedora to a beach hat. Imagine a plain white baseball hat with this outfit, and add the white sneakers. Now you are ready to go to a baseball game (or any game, really) or to hang out with your friends. You could always classify this lookup by wearing a fedora or boater hat with this style. Leave the flip-flops on, and you’ve got a nice look to go to school or work.




Styling these Pieces on Their Own

Now that we have thought of different items we could pair with this outfit, we can look at each piece on its own and how you could style those pieces without them being a full outfit. After all, you can buy these pieces separately at www.loveclassic.com.


Styling the Tied to You Top

 Women's Spring Outfit Look Flowy Blouse

Now, you want to ensure that the types of clothing you pair with this Tied to You top enhances its beauty. There are several ways to style this classic crop top.

Jeans - Now, I know that this crop top is already paired with flared jeans, but you can also pair this top with a straight-leg jean for a more polished look or a skinny jean if you want the look to be sleek and modern, and more professional. Pair the straight-leg jeans with sneakers or the skinny jeans with heels, and you have a nice outfit to go out in.

Skirt - A nice pencil skirt or mini skirt would go great with this outfit. Did you know that Love Classic sells skirts, too? So you could get your outfit all in one place for a great price! If you go with a pencil skirt with an overcoat, this outfit is perfect for work, or a mini skirt with sneakers, and you are ready to go out dancing.

Joggers - For a more casual look, you can purchase a pair of white or black joggers (or maybe you have some in your closet already) and throw on a pair of sneakers. You can wear this outfit while you go grocery shopping or running errands.


Styling the Flared Jeans

The flared jeans look great with this Tied to You top, but there are other ways you can style these jeans, as well.

Cardigan- Did you know Love Classic has a beautiful cardigan in their shop that would go perfectly with these flare jeans? Well, they do, and it is just waiting for you to purchase to wear with these jeans. This will give this outfit a more casual and cute look. Throw on some ballet flats, and you are ready for work!

Button-Up Shirt- Love Classic also has a button-up shirt that you are sure to love. Go to www.loveclassic.com and find it under “tops + shirts” and pair it with these flare jeans for a more professional polished look. All you are missing is earrings and a pair of heels and you are ready to ace that meeting.

Regular T-Shirt - Imagine you have off work, and you can do whatever you want to do for the day. So, you put on your flared jeans and wonder what to match with it. Well, guess what!? It’s a perfect pair of jeans to pair with a regular t-shirt. You can even add a french tuck for a little bit more flare.


No matter how you decide to style your Tied to You Top and Flare Jeans know that Love Classic has got your back with all the best styles.




- written by Rebecca O. 











February 09, 2024 — Cynthia Kim