Thigh High Socks to Match Your Spring Looks

Winter is quite literally dying. With that brings on the new season where flowers blossom, and there is new life. You heard it here first, Spring is right around the corner or is already here, and has some ways you can make your spring outfits that much better.


They are called thigh-high socks, and even though you may think socks are a winter or autumn trend, we promise you that we have many ideas on matching thigh-high socks from with your Spring attire. Plus, did you know that for every pair of socks, you buy with Love Classic, they donate 1% of profits to someone in need?


Let’s dive into some of the outfits you can wear with your thigh-high socks.


1.   Shorts and Thigh-High Socks

Shorts are a great way to bring in the Springtime. There are better ways to pair your shorts, than just with a plain old tee shirt. For breezier days (because we all know we get those in the Spring), you can pair some of Love Classic’s thigh-high socks with your shorts and tennis shoes. You can even throw a cardigan over your shirt to make it extra stylish for work or a night out. Thigh-high socks make it possible to dress up your stylish shorts without looking too dressy because you will look dressy enough.


2.   Skirts and Thigh-High Socks

We all know that warmer weather brings those miniskirts, pencil skirts, and regular skirts out to play. Thigh-high socks are a fun and easy way to play up your skirts so that way your legs do not look so bare while sporting your skirt and blouse around town. Plus, since you are wearing socks, it is always a good excuse to wear your stylish tennis shoes with your skirt or you can even wear some nice booties to match your outfit. Thigh-highs make an excellent alternative for thigh-high boots, as well, and you can even wear your thigh-high boots or combat boots with your thigh-high socks, too. Instead of hurting your feet with stiletto thigh-high boots, wear an option, like thigh-high socks, with comfortable sneakers to your event. Love Classic has thigh-high socks in many patterns and colors to match your outfit’s needs.


3.   Dresses and Thigh-High Socks

Thigh-high socks are a great way to dress up your fun and flirty Springtime dresses. They can keep your legs warm from the breezy weather and add style to your bare legs. Thigh-highs can go great with sneakers with your dress (we all know that is all the rage now), or you can pair them with booties, boots, or other high heels to match your dress. Wearing thigh-high socks with your dresses and heels make for a great outfit idea for any event that you need to go to, including weddings or a nightclub.


No matter what you wear this Spring, thigh-highs have your back and are ready to make your outfits stand out while helping others in need!


March 10, 2023 — Rebecca Ostfeld