How to Style Our Cropped Tank


Everyone has their go-to top for every outfit in their closet. This crop top can keep an outfit casual; it goes with outfits that may be nicer and even comfy enough to be worn when lounging around. It is the perfect top for all three occasions.


You can pair our black crop top with a lovely long or short skirt with some cute sandals if you want to dress up for a more sociable occasion. This combination is perfect for the springtime coming up.


You can also accessorize with long dangling earrings or hoops, long layered necklaces, and cute bracelets. You could also throw on our black cardigan if you're on the run and may need something to keep you warm.


Lastly, suppose you run errands, lounge around, or even work out. In that case, this top can be perfectly paired with comfy sweatpants, athletic shorts, leggings, and some white tennis shoes.


May 05, 2022 — Cynthia Kim